Milk Thistle Tea Luxury Cardo di Maria Herbal Tea

Wild Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle or Silybum Marianum, a member of the plant family Asteraceae featuring red to purple flowers shaped as basal rosette and shiny pale green leaves with white veins. Originally a native of Southern Europe through to Asia, it is now found throughout the world. Practically all parts of Milk Thistle are edible including the roots, leaves and stems. Tea made from the dry leaves and stems offers a delicate herbal flavour with nuances of dry hay and honey. Milk Thistle has been used in traditional medicine for centuries and is known by many names including: Marian Thistle, Mary Thistle, Our Lady’s Thistle, Lady’s Thistle, Dappled Thistle, Blessed Milk Thistle, Thistle Finch, Chardon Notre Dame, Mariendistel, Cardo di Maria, Carod de Maria.

Brewing Guide: 1-2 tea spoons in 250 ml water at 100°C for 6-8 min