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Oolong Orange Blossom Tea Benefits and Symbolism

Oolong Orange Blossom

Oolong Tea Plant The oolong tea plant is a variety of Camellia sinensis that is partially oxidized before it is dried. This process produces a tea with a unique flavor and aroma that is enjoyed by tea drinkers around the world. Oolong tea is known for its health benefits, including its ability to help with […]

Lemon Verbena Herbal Tea Benefits and Symbolism

Lemon Verbena Tea Benefits

Lemon Verbena Plant Lemon verbena (Aloysia citrodora) is a perennial plant that is native to South America. The plant has fragrant leaves that are used to make teas, lemonades, and other beverages. Lemon verbena is also used in aromatherapy. The lemon verbena plant is a perennial that is in the mint family. It grows to […]

Calendula Herbal Tea Benefits and Symbolism

Calendula Mayfair Tea

Calendula Plant The calendula plant is a colourful flower that is often used in herbal remedies. The plant has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which make it useful for treating a variety of conditions. Calendula can be taken internally or applied externally to the skin. The calendula plant is a bright orange flower that is often […]

Sencha Tea

Sencha Tea

Sencha tea is a green tea that originates from Japan. The tea plant has been cultivated in the region for over 1,500 years and is “the most popular style of tea” in Japan. It typically contains less caffeine than black or oolong teas. Sencha often features a sweet flavor with light bitterness, so it can […]


Sakura Tea

Sakura is a Japanese name for the evergreen flowering cherry tree. These trees are symbolic in Japan, particularly among Buddhists. Sakura symbolizes rebirth and enlightenment, along with other traditional meanings, such as femininity. They are also symbols of life and death in northern India. Sakura, or cherry blossom, is a type of tree that blooms […]

The best teas of the world. Top 5 Teas to drink for health and happiness

Tea Top 5

The best teas of the world. Top 5 Teas to drink for health and happiness Tea has been around for centuries, but only in recent times has it come to the fore as a popular drink. It’s now being enjoyed almost anywhere and on most occasions. The number of tea shops is increasing all the […]

Tea Traditions Around the World

Tea Tradition

Tea is the fermented beverage made from the leaf of Camellia sinesis and an array of other plants. It is made from two main types of plant: Camellia sinensis and other plants that are native to China, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam. There are three main types of tea: green (black), black (red), […]

How to brew a perfect cup of tea

Tea Brew

Brewing Tea Intro Tea is a vital part of everyday life around the world. Teas are mainly made from tea leaves, though some also contain herbs like mint or lemon. Brewing tea requires special equipment and care to ensure great taste and freshness. The proper choice of water temperature, brewing time and amount of tea […]

Lapsang Souchong Premium Black Tea from Fujian

Black Tea Mayfair Tea

This Lapsang Souchong tea comes from Fujian Province of China where it was grown at high altitude and processed using traditional methods of pine and oak wood smoking to achieve its distinctive aromatic bouquet. The flavour and aroma of Lapsang Souchong contains a variety of empyreumatic notes, including wood, smoke, pine resin, dried longan. This […]