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Sencha Tea

Sencha Tea

Sencha tea is a green tea that originates from Japan. The tea plant has been cultivated in the region for over 1,500 years and is “the most popular style of tea” in Japan. It typically contains less caffeine than black or oolong teas. Sencha often features a sweet flavor with light bitterness, so it can […]

Sakura Sencha Japanese Green Tea Leaf

Sakura Sencha Mayfair Tea

Sakura Sencha is harvested during the early spring when the quality of leaf is at its best. Cherry trees start to bloom across Japan at the same time signifying the arrival of spring. This Sakura Sencha tea is a celebration of spring energies fusing together delicate flavours of premium Japanese green tea, sakura blossom, and […]

Sencha Japan Premium Green Tea Leaf

Sencha Green Tea

Mayfair Tea Sencha Japan Premium Green Tea is sourced from Kagoshima prefecture of Japan known for its abundance of Cedar and Hinoki forests and perfect conditions for growing green tea. This leaf was grown at 1000ft above sea level where Sencha bushes are exposed to direct sunlight allowing it to acquire characteristic refreshing flavour with […]