Olive Leaf Tea Sun Dried Olea Europaea Herbal Tea from Spain

Oliver Tea Mayfair Tea

The olive tree has been considered sacred by many ancient cultures including the Greeks and Romans. It was the sacred tree of the goddess Athena and Athens. The olive branch is a sign of peace, when made into a wreath it is a trophy for Olympic athletes. Nothing is ever wasted from the olive tree. The fruit is pressed for its golden oil which is consumed raw or cooked and is a staple of Mediterranean cuisine. The oil is also used for various cosmetic purposes. And olive tree leaf makes a wonderful cup of herbal tea. The aromatic profile of Olive Leaf Tea is made up of exquisite delicate notes. It offers nuances of green tea, very distant hints of waxy olive fruit, and a variety of fleeting fruity and floral notes reminiscent of olive blossom.

Brewing Guide: 1-3 tea spoons in 250 ml water at 100°C for 5-15 min