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Premium Darjeeling Tea TGFOP1 Grade from Himalayan Soom Estate

Himalayas Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling tea is made from Camellia Sinensis grown and processed in the Darjeeling Districts in West Bengal, India. This Mayfair Tea Darjeeling leaf comes from the Soom Estate where it is grown in full view of the Himalayan Mountains. As a premium first Darjeeling, Soom TGFOP1 makes a wonderful gentle, afternoon tea. The first flush […]

Finest Darjeeling Tea FTGFOP Grade from Castleton Estate

Mayfair Tea Darjeeling Fine Tea

Darjeeling is a city and a municipality in the Indian state of West Bengal located in the Himalayas at an elevation of 2,000 metres. This region produces one of the finest varieties of black tea known for its unique profile with intriguing muscatel flavour. This premium Darjeeling tea comes from Castleton estate, one of the […]

White Monkey Paw Premium Green Tea from Fujian

White Monkey Paw Tea

White Monkey Paw or Baimao Hou in Chinese is a delicate green tea made from the leaves and bud of the green tea leaf when harvested during the first two weeks of the season. It originates from the Taimu Mountains in Fujian Province, China. The delicate leaves are carefully steamed and dried. The name originates […]

Lychee Jasmine Premium Green Tea from China

Mayfair Tea Lychee

Exotic sweetness of Lychee fruit together with Jasmine flowers in combination with natural delicate flavours of premium Chun Mee green tea. Delightfully light tangy sweetness, and a toasty warm clean finish, making it an excellent green tea during the day or night, with a nice well-rounded flavour and pleasant aftertaste. This delicate tea offers low […]

Oolong Orange Blossom Luxury Black Tea from Taiwan

oolong tea Mayfair Tea

Oolong Orange Blossom contains premium quality Oolong tea leaf from the mountainous Tung Ting region in Taiwan.  Tung Ting also known as Dong Ding or Frozen Summit. Tea plants where brought to this region from Fujian Province of China 150 years ago. This black tea is further infused with Jasmine petals and naturally dried orange […]

Lemon Balm Tea Sundried Melissa Herbal Tea Leaf

Lemon Balm Mayfair Tea

Lemon Balm is a versatile herb with rich history of culinary and medicinal use with references going back over 2000 years in ancient Greek and Roman texts. The herb being a member of the mint family native to Southern Europe and the Mediterranean offers surprisingly pleasant lemon flavour. This citrus flavour is rather unique and […]

French Lavender Flowers from Provence Herbal Tea

Lavender Tea Mayfair Tea

Lavender is a flowering plant of the mint family known for its beauty, its sweet floral fragrance and its multiple uses. Lavender was popularised by the Romans who used it in all aspects of their life from medicine to cosmetics.  As a member of the mint family, Lavender has been used for centuries in the […]