French Lavender Flowers from Provence Herbal Tea

Lavender Tea Mayfair Tea

Lavender is a flowering plant of the mint family known for its beauty, its sweet floral fragrance and its multiple uses. Lavender was popularised by the Romans who used it in all aspects of their life from medicine to cosmetics.  As a member of the mint family, Lavender has been used for centuries in the preparation of food either by itself or as an ingredient of Herbs de Province capturing  the flavours of the sunny south of France.  These Mayfair Tea Lavender blossoms come are grown and harvested in the traditional way, then air and sun dried. The Lavender petals yield a wonderful aroma that helps to relax you the moment you take that first sip. Lavender tea offers naturally caffeine free floral, slightly sweet, elegant flavour with a hint of mint.  It can be used to infuse other teas, soups or consumed on its own.

Brewing Guide: 1-2 tea spoons in 250 ml water at 100°C for 5 min