Linden Flower Organic Lime Tree Blossom Herbal Tea

Linden Tea

Linden trees are important nectar producing blooming trees native to Europe. The fragrant, yellow to white flowers are collected after spring bloom, dried, and carefully preserved. The flowers are the most valued herbal components of the linden tree. Infusions of the flowers make a refreshing light bodied tea. In Greek mythology, Philyra, a nymph, was transformed into a linden tree after begging the gods not to leave her among mortals. The delicate shape and sweet honey-like fragrance of linden flowers continue to remind us today of this quintessentially angelic nature of Linden blossoms. Linden Flower tea is naturally free from caffeine.

Brewing Guide: 1-2 tea spoons in 250 ml water at 100°C for 6-8 min