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Clitoria Ternatea Blossom Herbal Tea Origins Blue Tea Benefits

Blue Tea

Clitoria Ternatea Blossom Herbal Tea has been made in the Middle East for over 2000 years. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits. The tea is made from the blue pea flower, which is a plant native to China, Japan, and Korea. There are over 30 species of the blue pea flower. The flowers of this […]

Lemon and Lime Sencha Tea Luxury Green Tea with Lemon and Lime Peel

Lemon and Lime Tea

Lemon and Lime Sencha offers a bouquet of flavours characterised by zesty notes of lemon and sweet lime. Dry citrus notes are balanced against smooth astringency of premium green tea in this refreshing mix. Although Sencha Green tea is low in caffeine, the robust flavours from lemons and limes give this tea additional boost of […]