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Earl Grey Blue Sky Premium Black Tea Leaf

Earl Grey Blue Mayfair Tea

Mayfair Tea Earl Grey Blue Sky is a blend of premium black teas infused with bergamot oil and cornflower petals.  Traditionally Early Grey was made from smooth top grade Keemun teas from China and this Mayfair Tea blend also includes premium Keemun leaf.  This blend also includes high altitude Ceylon tea leaf for additional smoothness […]

Sakura Sencha Japanese Green Tea Leaf

Sakura Sencha Mayfair Tea

Sakura Sencha is harvested during the early spring when the quality of leaf is at its best. Cherry trees start to bloom across Japan at the same time signifying the arrival of spring. This Sakura Sencha tea is a celebration of spring energies fusing together delicate flavours of premium Japanese green tea, sakura blossom, and […]

Camomile Flowers Organic Naturally Dried Herbal Tea

Camomile Tea Mayfair Tea

This organic camomile blossom tea grew in the sunny shores of Nile River Delta. These blossoms were naturally sundried and chosen for their exceptional aromatic quality. In ancient Egypt, camomile was considered sacred and dedicated to the sun god Ra. The religious rituals were performed at dawn when the tiny camomile flower opened its petals. […]

Lemon Verbena Tea Organic Sundried Herbal Tea Leaf

Lemon Verbena Mayfair Tea

Lemon Verbena or Louisa, Lemon Beebrush, Verveine Citronnelle, Cedrón, is a flowering plant native to South America. It was brought to Europe by the Spanish and the Portuguese and quickly gaining popularity as one of the useful aromatic herbs. It is particularly valued for its gentle sweet lemon nuance and green herbaceous overall profile. Lemon […]

Yerba Mate Limon Luxury Green Mate Tea Leaf and Natural Dried Lemon

Yerba Mate Limon Mayfair Tea

This Mayfair Tea Mate comes with a sweet and sour citrus flavour from sundried natural lemons mixed into the organic Yerba Mate leaf making this Mate particularly refreshing and aromatic. Mate has been a popular drink in Latin America since at least the 17th century. It offers a variety of benefits including energising properties of […]

Yerba Mate Tea Natural Energy Drink from Brazil

Yerba Mate Mayfair Tea

Yerba Mate was first cultivated and used by the indigenous Guarani people in southern Brazil. Yerba Mate leaf is grown and harvested in a similar way to traditional tea leaves. Young leaves are cut just before they reach full growth, steamed, and sun dried to allow development of their flavour. Yerba Matte is known for […]